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Skate Guards, Blade covers, Boot Covers, Laces, Bunga Pads, Gloves, Leg warmers, Rockers and Totes
Rockerz Guards
Price: $75.00
Blade Blankies - Cat
Regular Price: $23.95
On Sale For: $20.99
Blade Blankies - Huskey
Regular Price: $23.95
On Sale For: $20.99
Blade Blankies - Penguin
Regular Price: $23.95
On Sale For: $20.99
Blade Blankies - Pink Poodle
Regular Price: $23.95
On Sale For: $20.99
Chloe Noel Boot Covers
Price: $10.99
Chloe Noel Protective Hip Pad
Regular Price: $11.95
On Sale For: $10.95
Chloe Noel Protective Tail Bone Pad
Regular Price: $10.95
On Sale For: $9.95
2 Straps in a package  Available in: White Black  The Lace Straps perform several functions: A Lace Cover A Lace and Lacing Protector A Lace/Skate Tensioning Device  The Lace Straps cover the Laces to protect them from being caught and un-hooked or un-laced, while they also protect the upper laces from being cut easily by the blades.  The Elastic portion of the Strap helps to provide a little extra Resistance Tensioning and Tongue Support.  It is suggested that they be installed on either the top Hooks to provide more Resistance Tensioning and Tongue Support or they can be installed over the center Hooks to provide a covering and protector to the Laces. Or both if desired.  They are usually installed with the Tab end of the Strap to the outside, but this is an individual decision.  The EDEA Skate Hooks are more than Double Deep and can accomodate both the Lace and the Lace Straps.
Price: $20.00
Available in White and Black          (ALL Sizes)  Boot Sizes     CM          IN  195 - 210      200        79" 215 - 230      220        86" 235 - 260      240        94" 265 - 290      260      102" 295 - 310      280      110"        EDEA Skating Laces are some of the very finest laces available. They are similar to a parachute cord, but without the filler. The Laces are a combination of Nylon, Polyester, and Cotton to help keep Skates Tight and are VERY Strong         To Fit Boot Sizes 195-210     Laces 200 cm     Laces in Inches 79"     To Fit Boot Sizes 215-230     Laces 220 cm     Laces in Inches 86"     To Fit Boot Sizes 235-260     Laces 240 cm     Laces in Inches 94"     To Fit Boot Sizes 265-290     Laces 260 cm     Laces in Inches 102"     To Fit Boot Sizes 295-310     Laces 280 cm     Laces in Inches 110"
Price: $7.00
Edea Skate Polish
Price: $20.00
Edea Skating Socks
Price: $16.00
Figure Skating Lace Charms
Regular Price: $15.00
On Sale For: $11.99