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MK Blades

MK is all about performance. Yours and ours. The finest steel is selected then CNC laser cut for supreme accuracy (within 0.004 inches). Just like your routines, our blades have to be millimeter perfect. A meticulous 55-step process is then undertaken to ensure a robust, flexible, competitive blade that's made to go the distance. And finally, our master craftsmen apply their expertise for the ultimate finish. 
MK Club 2000 - CLEARANCE
Regular Price: $79.99
On Sale For: $39.99
MK Double Star Blade
Price: $160.00
MK Professional
Price: $239.00
MK Professional Parabolic
Price: $284.00
MK Gold Star Revolution
Price: $709.00
MK Phantom Revolution
Price: $625.00
MK Phantom Standard
Price: $499.00
MK Dance
Price: $499.00
MK Phantom Special Blade
Price: $529.00