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Choosing an Ice Skating Dress

When it comes to ice skating dresses for girls and women, there are many styles and brands on the market, from custom ice skating dresses featuring hand-applied Swarovski crystals to simple practice dresses for figure skating without any embellishment at all. So when it comes to purchasing your next figure skating dress, the first thing to ask yourself is what kind of dress you need.

While figure skating dresses for competition offer plenty of sparkle, they’re usually designed and color coordinated to match a specific program theme or music choice. They are much more elaborate then practice dresses and it is not suggested to wear as a daily practice outfit. You want to keep your competition dress in pristine condition so it looks the very best when it’s your turn in the spotlight.

At the same time, it has become less favored to wear a practice ice skating dress for competition. You want figure skating for competition your program to look polished on the ice, and your ice skate apparel can make a difference in how your performance is received. In a group of 15 skaters whose abilities are all similar, a stunning skating dress may make the difference in the eyes of a judge.

For a flattering but simple ice skating dress, you can also look at figure skating dresses for testing, which are designed to look simple but elegant.

Finally, remember that different types of skating programs call for different types of ice skating dresses. While ice dancing dresses feature longer flowy skirts, artistic ice skating dresses are more interpretive and costume-like.

No matter what level skater you are, the most important advice is to always buy an ice skating dress that’s appropriate for your needs.

Finding a Flattering Ice Skating Dress: What will Look Good?

Once you’ve determined what type of figure skating dress you need, you also need to decide what cuts will flatter your figure and show off your skating techniques best. To make sure you look your very best on the ice, follow these expert tips for choosing your next ice skating dress:

  • Choose a the right fabric. Ice skating dresses need to be form-fitting and made of a 4 way stretch fabric, allowing you to move freely. 4 way stretch fabric is the difference between a figure skating dress and a dance leotard. Dance leotards are usually made of a 2 way stretch material or cotton which greatly reduces the cost, but will eventually fall apart due to the stress placed upon the dress when you fall. You can get 4 way stretch in many fabrics; Velvet and lycra or microfibre are the most popular choices for skating. One more important point when selecting fabric is to check if the dress is lined, many dress makers that control pricing by not lining the front of the dresses or surging the seams of the mesh. When shopping at DiscountSkatewear.com all these considerations have been taken into account, so you never have to worry about any of these issues.
  • Check the neck. The neckline of the dress is very important. Many skaters just do not like the feeling of a collar around their neck, which rules out mock and turtle neck styles.
  • Fit it like a swimsuit. Your ice skating dress should be snug, but not too tight – like a good one-piece swimsuit. If it wrinkles or ripples, consider one size smaller. If it feels constricting and taut, try one size larger. Many parents like to buy dresses that are too big so their child grows into it. This is a mistake, you want to buy a dress that FITS and has some growing room.
  • Skirt Styles. There are many different styles of skirts that have different purposes for their design. Bell skirts are designed to give an appearance of a figure on a girl who may be thin. Slant skirts are designed to elongate the body and have more flow. Layered skirts have more movement and accent different colors.

No matter what style ice skating dress you need, you can find it at DiscountSkatewear.com, the Web’s most trusted source for ice skating dresses, skates and more. Shop our figure skating dresses today for a great selection of styles, sizes and colors.