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How to Shop for Figure Skating Blades

Great skating requires high-quality equipment, and figure skating blades are no exception. When shopping for your next set of ice skate blades, you need a product that will hold an edge between sharpenings, allow for quick take-off during jumps and make sharp cuts and turns a breeze. But today, there are a number of blade manufacturers and models on the market, making it difficult to choose the right ice skate blades for you. From MK to Ultima to Paramount to GAM skating blades – as well as carbon steel and stainless steel skating blades – the modern skater has nearly endless choices.

That’s why Discount Skatewear strives to make your shopping easier, whether you’re looking for ice skate blades or figure skating dresses, figure skates and more. Use this guide to learn more about which skating blades are right for you – and important tips for buying and maintaining your skating blades.

Buying your Figure Skating Blades

  • More expensive blades won’t necessarily help you skate better. Instead, you need to choose the ice skate blades that match your level of figure skating. While advanced blades may have a larger pick pattern or differing rocker lengths, they will not help and intermediate skater perform jumps and spins better.
  • Don’t buy blades that hold you back. If you’re an advancing skater, we recommend buying your ice skate blades one level higher than you currently skate. Otherwise, you risk advancing beyond the level of your equipment.
  • Replace your blades if they’ve been over-sharpened or severely rusted, or if you’ve outgrown your size or level.

Carbon Steel versus Stainless Steel Skating Blades

  • Today, most blades are made from carbon steel, as a stainless steel skating blade was long thought to be too expensive and too heavy.
  • Unlike a stainless steel skating blade, carbon steel blades are softer, making it easier for your sharpener to work with them.
  • New technology has brought a unique stainless steel skating blade to the market. Produced by Paramount Sk8s, these blades are made from milled aluminum with a stainless steel runner, giving skaters increased strength and a long-lasting edge. However, these blades are designed for advanced skaters only.

Maintaining your Figure Skating Blades

  • Always have your skates professionally sharpened. Trying to sharpen them yourself can result in a poor edge or over-sharpened edge – and effectively ruin those blades forever.
  • If you’re a basic skills skater taking classes once a week in a group setting, plan to have your blades sharpened every 4-6 weeks. More frequent skaters will need more frequent sharpening. Anytime you feel the dullness of your ice skate blades changing the way you skate, you’re probably overdue for a sharpening.
  • Be careful to keep your blades dry and clean to avoid rust and decay.

Now that you know the basics of buying and maintaining your ice skate blades, you’re ready to start shopping. Check out our wide selection of ice skate blades today – all offered at great discount prices.