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Top Figure Ice Skate Brands

GAM Figure Skates - Offering a broad range of models and styles, GAM ice skates are available for skaters ranging from beginner to advanced.


Risport Ice Skates - Made in Italy, Risport skates have long been favored by European coaches – and are increasingly popular in America. These skates tend to run narrow, so take caution when measuring. If you have wide feet, this may not be the ice skate brand for you.


SP Teri - Known for their superb fit, SP Teri skates are popular amongst mid-level freestyle skaters and are one of the top choices for skaters buying their first high-quality pair of skates.


Jackson Skates - Featuring several entry-level skate models, Jackson skates are ideal for skaters of ALL levels. In fact, DiscountSkatewear.com has partnered with Jackson Ultima to offer the Mystique Skating Package, a complete collection of skates, blades, gloves, guards and a skate bag for the introductory skater.


Riedell Figure Ice Skates - With dozens of models to choose from, Riedells are some of the most popular skates for first-time buyers and lower-level competitors. Models range from entry-level to advanced, with many skate options available for the mid-level skater.


Harlick Skates - Designed for advanced skaters, Harlick figure skates offer supreme customizability and a peerless design. However, they are not created for entry-level skaters – so if it’s your first time, stick with a less advanced brand.


At Discount Skatewear, we offer a wide selection of figure ice skates from all the best brands, including Riedell, Jackson, GAM, Risport, SP Teri and Harlick. Whether you’re a competitive skater at the national level or a beginner just entering your first Basic Skills class, we have the right skate to meet your needs and your skill level. Simply follow this guide for tips and pointers on choosing the right skate for you.


Before you buy figure ice skates online, make sure you visit our How to Measure section for information and tips on the proper fit of figure skates – it’s sure to help you find the best-fitting, best-feeling skates.


Whether you choose GAM figure skates, Riedell skates or any other brand, you’re sure to find the best prices and service on discount ice skates at Discount Skatewear. Shop with us today for all your skating needs!
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